About Us


The value of earning the loyalty of the clients who provide the income necessary for our prosperity.


The value of continued education in matters related to business and real estate investments.


The value of experience in matters related to business and real estate investments.


The importance of excellence, honesty, and integrity in caring for the needs of our clientele. We strive to treat our clients as we would want to be treated.


Our role in assisting our clients in locating investments that meet their needs and desires within the framework of their capabilities.


Our opportunity to assist our clients beyond the closing of any transaction by offering quality management and leasing services.


Our responsibility to exercise care and diligence as we assist our clients in the disposition of their investments when appropriate.

Real Estate Investments

That real estate, whether owner occupied or owned for the production of income and total return on investment, often represents a significant portion of a client’s wealth. We, therefore, accept the responsibility to do our very best to serve our clients in acquiring, managing, and disposition of these important investments.